Where are they now? And does anyone care?

Wondering whatever happened to Jani Allan? I thought those who remembered her fondly (or maybe not so) would appreciate this missive she recently sent to Femina.

—– Original Message —–
From: jani allan
To: femina@assocmags.co.za
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 4:00 AM

Heavens to Betsey!

It is said that a week is a long time in politics….except apparently in South Africa. Only in South Africa can a rumor that festered into ‘fact’ persist in hanging around for MORE THAN SIXTEEN YEARS!

I could never prove that I didn’t have an affair with Eugene Wotsisname. How do you prove a negative?

But still the South African media made my life a misery – and continues to do so. And you, Femina, and your scribbler, Ursula Whatever is just as guilty.

You never bothered to contact me, yet you think you are competent and informed to write a story about me.

Oh how typical you and your ilk are of South African mediocrity.

How dare you to presume to ‘inform’ your readers. You are no better than the National Enquirer. Surely your readers deserve better.

Shame on you. You are precisely the reason why I was driven out of South Africa.

NO-ONE contacted me about the story on ‘Where are they now’ in your July 2006 issue.

How on earth did you come up with the fiction that you did?

None of it is remotely true. Why, you couldn’t even get my age right.

As for your choice of photograph of me – it was precisely the kind of picture you WOULD choose, isn’t it? Reinforce your prejudice against me by choosing the most unflattering picture you could find. You are all so very, very predictable. And very sad.

Would you dare to print this e-mail? I think not. For this reason I will send it to as many people as I can. For too long I have been silent. For too long have I put up with your notions of ‘journalism.’

Silence betokeneth consent and I no longer consent to you talking trash about me.

Jani Allan, 54.
Somewhere in the United States of America.
God bless America. At least here I am free from your preposterous and infantile cruelty.

18 thoughts on “Where are they now? And does anyone care?

  1. Is that true, by implication by Jani Allan stating that she cannot prove that she did not have an affair with Eugene Terreblanche, then she is also stating that it was never proven that she did have an affair with the blue-torched eyes wonder! So was it proved or not?

  2. I’d be very interested to read the original Femina article if anyone could scan it and sent it to me – or is it available anywhere on the internet?

  3. jani allan is a charlatan who will go to all lengths and breaghts to achieve fame and fortune and publicity.

    she had an affair with terreblanche but then look for a scapegoat to create some scene so as to get a free airfare out of south africa by inviting him to her flat and when he arrived there she claimed she was being stalked.

    she left south africa recently claiming mbeki wanted to kill her but the US immigration officials refused to grant her asylum on such unsubstantiated and flimsy reasons and was forced to seek the green card through naturalisation. because her skill is not one of those sought after skills that can guarantee her residence and work rights in america.

    by describing terreblanche`s underwear was an admission that you had an affair with him since there`s no man or woman who will strip for the opposite sex for the pleasure of it.she is also a rightwinger who joined one of the rightwing blogstrying to badmouth south africa claiming the government is behind the crimes and murders committed against afrikaners.

    she is not even a journalist by qualification but she called herself one.what a shame and pity?

  4. At least here I am free from your preposterous and infantile cruelty.

    Again she is lying since she suffered on her arrival in america the first time she went there and was bailed-out by a rightwing radio there and the second time she found a tramp who promised here naturalisation if she stayed with him and he battered and raped her and with a bruised face and body she ran back to the streets because he gave the immigration authorities info that she was an illegal alien and i`m surprised to hear that she is now happy i america despite the fact that while in south africa she became instant celebrity not so in america since she doesn`t possess a scarce skill.

  5. Mister Singiswa
    Are you stuck on this article??? Did the lady impress you so much that you have to come back for two years to leave your comment??.
    Maybe she was right all the time and you lot start realizing it now.
    Hie hie hieeeeeeee

  6. I was very disgusted by Jani Allan’s attempt to bastardize America with her cowardness. I sent her an email at her email address “janiallan911@hotmail.com” where she also has a website on MSN asking for donations. I told her that I would get her citizenship stripped just like the Nazis were done who tried to flee. The woman sickens me!

  7. Well in comparison with Ann Coulter, and other ‘right wing’ minded journalists in America (who also happen to be in the mainstream), I don’t think her politics are particularly extreme. As for her status in the USA, she is a former leading columnist of Africa’s biggest newspaper. She is also university-educated and has previously taught english lit. I’d day she has all the credentials and more of a successful candidate.

  8. “The deepest depths of hell are reserved for those who, during times of moral crisis, choose to remain neutral.” JFK

    One thing that Jani has done, and that is stand up for what she believes in. I applaud that trait. Jani, you have many friends out there.

  9. It is easy for some of you to sit in your comfortable chairs and write nasty diatribes about Jani, but I know her enough to say she is as an educated, intelligent, warm woman who has a burning desire and beliefs to make changes. Go back to your television sets and be homogenized. Her fire has not dimmed. You may not agree with her..but you have to admire her.
    In a letter to me she once wrote:
    “I, on the other hand have lost everything – except my integrity and my sense of humour and the ridiculous.”

  10. Krugersdorp is where I was born – The Jani’s and Eugene’s of this world are of the ilk that give the rest of us a bad name; and leave a bad taste in the mouth after pronouncing either name. I am happy to hear that the “rumours” of an affair with Eugene still affect Jani – The time for her to have had her say was at his trial, and she didn’t speak up then!!! The update on Eugene is that he was murdered, at his home.

  11. I knew jani some years before the infamous happening. I alway s liked her
    thought she was cool and believe she still is. Enjoy yourself babe u have plenty of friends yet.

  12. She seems to have reemerged on the media scene as of late. I just founder her on Twitter, it reminded me of a few things from South Africa’s past. Anyone remember Fook Island and Scope? I’m glad to see she’s started to write again too.



    Jani Allan – My Grilling Life

    When I was a journalist there was less drama in the newsrooms while covering Bosnia-Herzogovina than there is in the restaurant in which I am now working.
    Its the kind of chic restaurant to which men bring women they want to impress.
    Rejoice all my enemies – (come to think of it I used to have enemies of a higher caliber; the President of South Africa once described me as an “attention seeker”) I am, these days, waiting tables in sensible shoes and a bistro apron. Usually my hair looks as though it were combed with an egg beater.
    Like eating an artichoke, waiting tables is a lot of work for a little reward.
    On Easter Sunday a lamb is roasting on the spit in the courtyard. I avert my eyes when I go to the walk-in to get herbs (that would be ‘erbs’ as they say in the colonies.)

    As a juvenile prank, one of the servers takes a photograph of the unfortunate creature and puts in on the Facebook page. The angle from which the photograph has been taken is alarming: huge tragic eyes, head lolling and the pole looking as though an act of sodomy was performed. In the background is a shabby split pole fence and a row of dead lilies.

    As soon as the picture is posted there is a slew of outraged comments
    “How fucking disgusting is that!” “I just puked” etc etc.
    The server, a bully in an apron, fails to see that he has committed a Pee Aar gaffe. His cronies applaud him.
    The chef dismisses it too. ‘These people never go out! They’re shut-ins!’ he explains.
    Personally I think that if you partied in New York 24/7 you would still be shocked by the crudeness of the picture, but who am I? When I clock in on Aloha, it says ‘Server,”not PeeAar, or radio-show host or columnist.

    And so a blog is born.

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