Professional Journos’ Association?

At a time when journos are being retrenched across the country quicker than Wall Street bankers, there is a push to start a Professional Journos’ Association. A great idea.

For too long, the debate around the state of our journalism has been driven by special interests or enemies of journalism. It is time journo took hold of things and formed their own association.

The SA National Editors Forum is an important body, but its membership is limited to those at the top. Since the journalists unions of the 1980s withered away, there has been a major gap in the professional life of journos. Maybe now it will be filled.

The proposed name for the new organisation is ProJourn. I think ProJo would be better. Join the debate over the constitution on Facebook.

One thought on “Professional Journos’ Association?

  1. nice idea, but inbetween doing our jobs and…doing our jobs, where would we get the time to do anything else?

    news editor, trainer, layout artist, photgrapher, photo editor, reporter, researcher, hand holder and general dogsbody. all in one.

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