Just say no!

Can you believe what the SABC Chief Financial Officer, Robin Nicholson, said in Business Day? He tried to make out that he was just a bookkeeper and should not be held responsible for their over-spending.

“My job is to make sure the systems and controls are in place. The fact that they’re overspending their budgets, I can only tell you,” Nicholson told Jocelyn Newmarch of Business Day.

“Finance is a consequence of strategy and actions. Don’t hold me to account for what others have done, unless I could have influenced it,” he said.

Hold on a minute: if, as you say, your job is make sure the controls are in place, why has spending gone out of control? And didn’t you know until it was too late? Don’t tell me that a CFO is unable to influence spending. Try saying ‘No!’, Mr Nicholson. Like this: ‘Sorry, we can’t afford a bureau in Jamaica’ or ‘Sorry, you have used up your budget for expensive overseas trips.’

His remarks sum up the problem at the SABC: nobody will take responsibility and everyone will blame someone else. When your CFO is saying that he just keeps the numbers and he has no responsibility for what they tell him, then an organisation is in deep trouble.

Read it here: http://allafrica.com/stories/200903200094.html

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