Jon Qwelane for Ambassador?

You can accuse Jon Qwelane of many things, but never of being diplomatic. He has made a life’s work of being rambunctious, otherwise, outspoken, contrary, troublesome and sharp-tongued. And that’s just the polite part.

Now there is talk of this journalist being made an Ambassador.

To Uganda, nogal! The country that wants to hang gays. And sentence up to two years anyone who fails to report gays. Jon is an outspoken homophobe, so you can imagine what he will get up to there.

Something is not right somewhere if this goes ahead. Jon will create havoc as an Ambassador. Up to know his views have embarrassed him. Now he will step up to embarrass the nation.

In some countries, they give foreign posts to artists and poets. That way they show off the best of their country, and subsidise creativity. Why would we want to subsidise prejudice and intolerance? Why would we want to parade some of the most outrageous views of our countryfolk?

There has to be a better way for President Zuma to reward those who have supported him.

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