And how about a lazy newspaper reporter …

I also had a bad experience of lazy journalism from a leading national business publication this week – one from whom I have come to expect higher standards.

A reporter called me with a string of questions about the eTV saga. When I told him that he could find many of the answers in his own paper that morning in a very good article written by one of his colleagues, he said he had not had time to read it.

Well, if you don’t have time, why should I find the time to fill the gaps for you … I should have put the phone down.

2 thoughts on “And how about a lazy newspaper reporter …

  1. Surprised by not surprised! In the past 10 years of my life working as a Journalist, i’ve seen these kind of a lazy journalism to a number of colleagues in different newsroom. For the problem to get better-it seems is getting worse! However, is not all journalist who are ‘arm chair’ reporters with blind eyes.

    We still have good quality journalists in most of our newsroom across the country. But I pity that poor journalist and is time for him/her to peel thy eyes and know that as a journalist you must be a great reader!

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