But where’s the body? Citizen manipulates pic

The Citizen yesterday took a body out of their front page Kabul picture, causing something of a Twitter-stir. Here’s my comment: The manipulation of news pictures is dangerous ground.

The Citizen’s motivation may be good, but they have pursued it unethically. If the body was not acceptable to their audience (and one has to ask why others have been judged more acceptable), they should have used another picture, or cropped it, or moved it inside the paper and carried it with a warning, or at the very least have told readers that they had manipulated the picture. I wonder if they had the permission of the agency and photographer to do this, as I doubt it would be given.

This is a bad precedent, open to abuse. (For a list of of the 15 best cases of pic manipulation, click here.) What’s next? A history of the Citizen that doesn’t mention the Info Scandal? Oh yes, we have had that already.

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