Talking truth to Power

A new talk station, a new set of owners, a new sound … you have to be excited at the announcement of PowerFM in Gauteng, due to go on air in a few weeks.
Old faithful Radio 702 has shown over the years what an valuable role talk radio has in engaging citizens in debate and discussion and getting people who would never otherwise have any connection which each other shouting at and sometimes even listening to one another. 702 is a primary source of news, setting a high standard, and a leader in community activity.
Now a new voice, with a new sound, competing with 702, has the potential to enrich our world of debate and argument and news and information. When 702 goes on too much about Parkhurst parking fees, we will have an alternative. (What is it about 702 people that they are so infuriated at driving around the corner to save a few rands parking fee?)
PowerFM promises a different urban sound, I believe and hope, a new and different voice. And it is driven by two radio aficionados, Given Makhari and Simphiwe Mdlalose, who know the medium as well as anyone. They are both long-standing radio pros and have had brilliant success at their CapricornFM up in Limpopo. Now they are entering a major market.
This is the best media news in weeks.
* Full disclosure: Makhari and Mdlalose’s MSG company are partners with my wife in Curious Pictures. So I am not entirely neutral, but hopefully can still express my excitement.

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