Well done, Greg!

Photographer Greg Marinovich has done extremely important and valuable work in uncovering important evidence at the Marikana shooting site. By pointing out that 14 men were killed far away from where police were allegedly defending themselves, under circumstances that point to the possibility of cold-blooded killing, he has raised questions …  Continue reading

The price of a cheap date

When does a newspaper cross the line from selling space to selling its soul? This is a question raised by MTN’s recent Mahala Thursdays campaign which was splashed across all media – including newspaper front pages and headlines and other elements normally protected as sacrosanct editorial space.  Continue reading

A year of healthy and noisy contestation

It has been a year of vigorous and healthy contestation. We have fought over the independence of the judiciary, the freedom of the media and the appropriateness of presidential appointments. We have seen combat in parliament, the courts, the streets, the ruling party, the biggest opposition party, the provinces, the cities, and even the cabinet. We have arm-wrestled over political power, policy, ideology, history, language and song lyrics.
 Continue reading

The new thing: web curating

Okay, it’s not so new, but it is becoming more prevalent – and it is certainly changing my reading habits. I am talking about curated sites – where smart people select and present information and articles from all over the web, and put them in an accessible form for people in a hurry to find good reads.  Continue reading

Quotation and misquotation

I was quoted on a site called sify.com saying this: “The World Cup made us crazy. Money was spent carefully. I think the government will have a tough time in maintaining the stadiums. They will soon turn into white elephants,” said Anton Harber, professor at the University of Witwatersrand. I did not know when and where I might have said such babble, nor did I remember ever speaking to a reporter named Abishek Roy.  Continue reading