Editors must edit

I ONCE asked a South African editor why he ran a cartoon that he agreed was offensive. He said he had felt obliged, as he did not want to censor a well-known and much-respected cartoonist. His colleagues would have given him hell for infringing on the cartoonist’s right to free …  Continue reading

Sorry, SACP …

This is what the SACP said about me this week: “The likes of Anton Harber are questioning the ownership of Iqbal [Survé’s] consortium, but they do not expose the greediness of their owners at Media 24 and Caxton.” This came in the context of an attack on the SA National …  Continue reading

The price of a cheap date

When does a newspaper cross the line from selling space to selling its soul? This is a question raised by MTN’s recent Mahala Thursdays campaign which was splashed across all media – including newspaper front pages and headlines and other elements normally protected as sacrosanct editorial space.  Continue reading