Troublemakers roll into town

Eleven hundred of the world’s most troublesome journalists will spend three days giving each other tips on how to call to account the rich and the powerful, swapping tools and techniques, software and hardware, and stories of derring-do. They will build networks to assist and support each other in their …  Continue reading

Well done, Greg!

Photographer Greg Marinovich has done extremely important and valuable work in uncovering important evidence at the Marikana shooting site. By pointing out that 14 men were killed far away from where police were allegedly defending themselves, under circumstances that point to the possibility of cold-blooded killing, he has raised questions …  Continue reading

The price of a cheap date

When does a newspaper cross the line from selling space to selling its soul? This is a question raised by MTN’s recent Mahala Thursdays campaign which was splashed across all media – including newspaper front pages and headlines and other elements normally protected as sacrosanct editorial space.  Continue reading

A slow train to nowhere

Everywhere I look I seem to see a journalism training course. Some are long, some are short; some are done by experts, some by people who haven’t been in a newsroom for years; some are skills-based, others are there to promote an agenda, like the plight of refugees, or environmental issues. But there is no shortage, that’s for sure. Why, then are there still problems with journalism skills in our region? Where is all this training going?  Continue reading