Open up radio

THE arrival of Power FM promises some exciting rivalry on the Gauteng radio scene as it goes head-to-head with Talk Radio 702 and Kaya FM for audience and the other big radio stations — such as Highveld and Jacaranda — for advertising. Media coverage has focused on its programme line-up, …  Continue reading

This American Blunder!

Anyone interested in journalistic errors and retractions might have followed the recent saga of NPR’s This American Life’s (TLF) which ran – and then retracted – extracts from Mike Daisey’s one-man play that told of his travels to the Foxconn factory in China where Apple products were made. The outcry …  Continue reading

The price of a cheap date

When does a newspaper cross the line from selling space to selling its soul? This is a question raised by MTN’s recent Mahala Thursdays campaign which was splashed across all media – including newspaper front pages and headlines and other elements normally protected as sacrosanct editorial space.  Continue reading

On Garda!

An SAfm producer called me yesterday to ask if I would join them on their Sunday media programme – on Human Rights Day – to talk with Ashraf Garda about media infringements of peoples’ rights. Isn’t that interesting? The problem is framed purely as media infringing rights, and there is no desire to talk about the overwhelming majority of times when the media protected, promoted and encouraged peoples’ rights.  Continue reading

SABC blues – again

You have to be totally dismayed at the apparent collapse – again – of SABC governance. The hopes that this new board represented a fresh broom to sweep the rot out of the Auckland Park headquarters and re-establish a notion of independent, public service broadcasting, are rapidly fading.  Continue reading

On the making of bad law

In Beeld this Saturday, I wrote of the implications of the Minister of Communications publishing what was the worst piece of draft legislation I have seen ever. What does it mean if one puts out a scrappy, contradictory, ill-considered Bill that has not even been discussed with your cabinet colleagues?
 Continue reading

Simelane slams the shutters down

The new National Director of Public Prosecutions, Menzi Simelane, has reportedly banned all 3 000 prosecutors who fall under him from talking to the media without permission. In doing so, he is showing, again, his lack of appreciation for the principles and values enshrined in our constitution. He is also flying in the face of ANC policy.  Continue reading